divine-mother2Women carry the privilege as well as the unfathomable responsibility of bringing forth, developing and sustaining the most magnificent, complex, miraculous creation of all… the Human Being.  Inherent within every female is the universal empowerment and unwavering trust bestowed to fulfill this ordained authority. These virtues are intrinsic within all women and charter our capacity to fulfill what is required to gestate creation of this magnitude, as well as to navigate its successful nurturance with precise skill and aptitude. It doesn’t matter if a woman chooses to give birth or not. This aptitude is her noble endowment.

The magnitude of commitment required of every woman who gives birth is beyond any commitment or engagement that exists in any sector of society, education, industry, sports, entertainment, technology, science, etc…  We hold the very life blood of humanity in our bodies, wombs, hearts and hands.  There is not one human being who can arrive on this planet without coming through one of us. There is no other life experience that even brushes the skirt of this lifelong, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual commitment.

It is one thing to be ordained human to human…like a minister or priest. It’s completely another to be inherently ordained by the nature of Life itself. I speak of an unparalleled, unrivaled natural ordination that endows women as bringers of and stewards of human life on this planet, and extends this nobility to every Being we birth. Make no mistake, this noble life lineage comes through the women of this planet to each and every Being.  As women, it’s time to take our rightful place, to embrace, to step into and embody our sacred nobility.

It’s incomprehensible that the nobility of females and their value to humanity is perversely squandered, belittled and dismissed. Rather than humanity protecting and revering girls and women as the Divine bearers of every human life walking this planet, we are marginalized, sexualized, thwarted and even violently attacked.  This emotional, mental and spiritual misappropriation of power and respect within our beloved human family has created a systemic illness within the human race.  It’s a disgraceful heartbreak that is unnecessary, avoidable and brought about by lack of education, ignorance and weakness of character… by both men and women.

Even animals in the wild express a sense of cooperation with and protection of their young and the females of their species.  Rape—though it exists—is a rarity in the animal kingdom. We don’t see animals raping, dominating and abusing the females.  What would happen to their species, their clans and herds if they behaved like this? Have we become more barbaric… less instinctually aware of the destructive implications of such a lack of reverence for essential, vital members of our societies than the animals of our planet?  I believe we have.

Tremendous inroads have been made by the women’s movement over the last forty years. Extraordinary people are working hard to get women into government, management and decision making positions with equal pay, to retain and expand the freedoms regarding our bodies and to change the view and responsibility of child care in our society. The masculine, hierarchical powers-that-be show little to no understanding of what’s inherently imbalanced about the lack of women’s rights and are not changing things quickly enough. The way we’ve been fighting for our rightful place in society has created tremendous progress, but we’ve reached a plateau. Our current tactics are generally masculine in nature, intended to infiltrate the current social and economic systems. It requires us to conform to and work within unhealthy systems as we try to create significant, radical, healthy change. It’s not working to change the world. We cannot continue to settle for incrementally ratcheting up an old jalopy when we need a graceful, agile and powerful race horse to take us where we want and need to go!

I’m tired of talking about women’s rights in terms of money and equal pay.  Divine Mother ArtYes, this is a very important issue, but I view that more as a symptom of a much deeper malady. We have to start where things went off the rails. There is no amount of money that can be offered women for our unparalleled endowment to humanity.  It’s not an issue of money. It’s an issue of truth. It’s an issue of Divine Order. It’s an issue of right relationship. It’s an issue of dignity and reverence, and I speak of the dignity of every human being.  If the innate reverence for the female capacity to birth is not cultivated and held sacred within every Soul gracing this planet, humanity is no more than a heartless machine in denial of the miracle that each of our lives is. Human Beings are the most incredible creation on this planet and only through women—physically—do we each arrive here.  This is mind-blowing!

This is a power issue, but not in the way we’ve been discussing it. Within most current systems and power structures, one of the main premises is that people with the most responsibility have the most say. Women wield full responsibility for birthing humanity through our bodies, into our lives and yet our immeasurable and undeniable contribution has been denied. It makes sense using this premise that women have not only equal authority over decisions about how our civilization conducts itself but primary authority in this domain. Our responsibility by nature is ‘unsharable’. I declare by virtue of the ordained responsibility women carry on behalf of humanity, that our authority is immutable.

Right now the popular view is that men have most of the power and they need to change that dynamic. They need to invite women into important arenas and value what we have to say and contribute. This would be ideal but many men don’t seem too eager to acknowledge our rightful position in society and share responsibility and vital decision making. Mostly, I think they are unaware and ignorant about such matters. I think they become ‘deer in headlights’ when we speak about women’s issues and needs because they are unskilled and uneducated in such matters. At this point, we are uneducated about our nobility and contributions. It’s our job to educate and elevate ourselves first. Then we can educate others about how we expect to be treated and why it’s important for everyone. And when our demeanors change, everything changes, be it in our individual lives or all female lives around the world.

I subscribe to Buckminster Fuller’s observation… “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

The new model I propose is to consciously and thoroughly cultivate the Nobility of Women. We need to be ourselves, to come to terms with and embolden and express our nature no matter what domain we’re in. We need to re-member, claim and embody the immeasurable commitment it takes to give birth, whether we decide to birth or not. We need to stop defending and cajoling on the subject of equality and rather acknowledge and claim what is ours. We need to get ourselves in right relationship with our contribution to humanity and re-educate the entire population of the world. It’s time for some tough love… it’s time to put patriarchy in the corner on a chair for a time out. On a sweeping scale… it’s not working for any of us.

Golden Sun Divine Woman

Reclaiming and embodying the nobility that we carry as women is a huge step that carries tremendous power… our power. I invite you to join me and resonate with the deep, divine wisdom of our nobility…  Welcome it into your heart, into your body, into your life. Let it seep through any self doubt, melting and soothing any and all feeling of confusion, anger and disappointment. Allow it to redirect frustration about the systems and world we live in. Let it be the spark and fuel which ignites us to re-claim The Nobility of Women.

Sit with and gestate what I’ve said.  Talk about it with the women in your life. Come back and share with me your thoughts and insights.  I can’t wait to see and hear how this conversation evolves with your engagement!

With all my heart,

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgia Dow says:

    Powerful Piece Shane! I hope you submit this to numerous Magazines.


    1. Thank you G! If you subscribe to or read any publications where an article like this would be welcomed, please send them along!


  2. Connie Parsons says:

    Shane, I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat from all the unshed tears I didn’t fully know were there! Tears of heart break and compassion for how the miracle and sacredness of life itself has been taken for granted, denied, defiled. And tears for myself, and every woman who has brought human life into a world where every. one. of. us. must have often felt alone, unappreciated, taken for granted, unsupported, exploited, vulnerable, unprotected, overburdened, worried, frightened, criticized, lacking, and inadequate to provide what only a community that nourishes and reveres life can provide. Thank you for your perception, vision, and voice!

    I love Georgia’s idea about publishing your essays in magazines! You might want to check out the submission guidelines for the Feminist Wire:

    Also, I found this website that might have some ideas:

    How about Ms. Magazine? and the NY Times?!


  3. Connie, Your vulnerable and heartfelt contribution to this conversation is deeply touching to me. Thank you for sharing your Self publicly. It’s so important.
    When we talked about this topic months ago, I remember your realization that if women are noble and we claim ‘right relationship’ with our Selves… nothing can disempower us again… ever.

    Thank you for the suggestions about the publications. I’ve checked into a few and I really appreciate the reminder! I’ll keep you posted.

    If you think it’s appropriate and useful, I welcome you to invite your women’s groups to join the conversation.

    Big hugs!


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